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SoliDrip’s groundbreaking drip irrigation technology, changing the way plants are irrigated in the urban space. Our autonomous irrigation system is specifically designed to support urban agriculture and urban gardening on any scale, outdoors and indoors. Our system always provides the optimal amount of water for each plant, automatically adapts to any environmental change.

Our Technology

The SoliDrip System

In urban spaces, unlike agricultural plots, the planting areas are relatively much smaller and characterized by a wide variety of plants, planting substrates, and growing methods. In addition, the urban environment creates different environmental conditions between plants with significant differences in terms of light, rain, and wind exposure.

The SoliDrip drip irrigation system operates on a constant water supply to the SoliDrippers array. The system consists of a water regulator configured to supply water at a pressure of 1.5 Bar. In addition, the system includes a proprietary safety valve that automatically closes the water flow in an unintentional pipe burst or disconnection.

The SoliDripper device

SoliDripper is a revolutionary yet straightforward self-operated mechanical valve device placed at the plant root system. A single Solidripper can support up to 1m² of planting area in case of a detached substrate. Each SoliDripper is connected to a 6mm irrigation pipe with a constant water pressure of 1.5 Bar. Each device acts independently, reacting to the substrate moister and irrigates accordantly.

The SoliDrip solution benefits

substantial saving

100% Autonomous irrigation provides the exact water amount needed at a low volumetric flow rate saving up to 60% of water compared to any other drip irrigation technology.

individual care

Each plant receives the optimal amount of water it needs when needed, automatically adjusted to the planting method and plant growth rate.

Zero maintenance

The system requires no maintenance. There is no need for computer control, communication ,electric power supply, or batteries.

adjusted to weather

The system works under any environmental condition and immediately adjusts to weather changes.

David (Didi) Sol CTO and Gad Marton CEO


SoliDrip was founded in 2018 by David (Didi) Sol and Gad Marton with a mission to boost urban greening by developing technology that helps expand green lung areas on building’s rooftops, living walls, balconies, and courtyards. SoliDrip enables vertical farms to flourish, providing advanced technology for communities, companies, and individuals to grow food commercially or for their own use. SoliDrip provides solutions for indoor workplaces, improving air quality to enhance employee’s productivity and wellness while reducing energy consumption. SoliDrip helps to make cities more sustainable and healthy places for living. Our vision is to become the standard water irrigation platform for urban green spaces, with easier, more cost-effective, and much more efficient plant cultivation methods.

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